Veterinary Low Intensity Laser Ablation (VetLILA®) is the world's No.1 pain treatment modality for treating resistant pain in dogs!

The Veterinary Low Intensity Laser Ablation technology is the world’s one and only safe and effective laser treatment modality for both dogs and horses who have pain that is resistant to other modalities of pain treatments. It is also most likely to be effective in other animals as well but yet to be tested

What is Veterinary Low Intensity Laser Ablation or VetLILA®?

VetLILA® is the newest modality of pain treatment which uses a highly pulsed laser to selectively target chronic pain nerves resulting in pain relief and functional improvement.

How does VetLILA® work?

Chronic pain is transmitted by a group of nerves that are called C fibers or unmyelinated axons. These C fibers are the smallest nerves in your pet and transmit pain when your pet has arthritis or other inflammatory conditions. VetLILA® is a minimally invasive procedure that operates by a unique physical process called biophotonics. It is first of its kind to treat pain selectively. Biophotonics use specific laser wavelengths and high pulsation that can target specific cell types without affecting other cells or tissues.
C fibers are readily susceptible to the unique laser emitted by the VetLILA® device. The laser emitted by the VetLILA® device is highly pulsed and absorbed specifically by the C fibers and not by other nerve types or tissues. After absorption of the laser energy, the C fibers get ruptured resulting in immediate pain relief. Functional improvement follows and can be evident in your pet as early as 2 weeks after treatment if not immediately. See video below:

Are there any harmful or adverse effects from VetLILA®?

No. VetLILA® is a minimally invasive procedure that has absolutely NO ADVERSE EFFECTS when performed by a licensed veterinary professional.

What kind of pain and lameness can be treated by VetLILA®?

VetLILA® treats chronic pain arising from bone, joint, muscle, tendon, ligament and skin. Pain is not evident in pets as it is in humans. Usually lameness is first detected in pets rather than pain. VetLILA® can correct most forms of weight bearing lameness that has failed conservative treatments and referred for surgical treatments such as joint replacements. Weight bearing lameness that affects hips, knees (stifle joints), shoulders and elbows can be effectively treated with VetLILA® resulting in reduction of lameness both in the short and long term. Pain in the spine joints can also be treated by VetLILA® effectively when it is recognized as a contributing factor to the weight bearing lameness.

What kind of pain and lameness cannot be treated by VetLILA®?

VetLILA® cannot treat pain resulting from nerve root irritation from disk disease of the spine. VetLILA® cannot treat lameness arising from systemic diseases. VetLILA® cannot improve non weight bearing lameness where the joint function is lost through uncorrectable severe structural abnormality. VetLILA® is ineffective in acute pain conditions and acute injuries although it would reduce chronic pain resulting from acute injuries.

What kind of evidence you have to support the effectiveness of VetLILA®?

VetLILA® is a new technology within the veterinary world. Early evidence is limited to testing of the technology in 10 dogs, 7 of which had weight baring lameness and 3 had non weight baring lameness. Early results indicate that VetLILA® improves gait, reduces lameness and increases muscle volume in dogs with weight baring lameness. Progressive clinical evidence is expected to accumulate after this brochure has been created, hence your veterinary professional can best advice you regarding its clinical evidence in veterinary practice. The technology however has been used in more than 100 humans including 10 police officers suffering in pain. It has been proven to provide pain relief and functional improvement when all other pain treatments had failed. Humans treated with the laser have completely stopped all pain medications and have returned to normal life. Similarly, dogs treated with VetLILA® did not require any pain medications after treatment.

How long will my pet stay pain free and the lameness not return after treatment with VetLILA®?

Once an improvement is noted after VetLILA®, it is there to stay! Early results indicate that a single VetLILA® procedure provides long term pain relief and progressive reduction of lameness in those pets which respond. If pain or lameness returns it is most likely in an area that has not been treated or a new pain problem that was not addressed by VetLILA®.

How many treatments sessions or procedure visits will my pet require with VetLILA®?

Usually a single VetLILA® procedure provides long term pain relief and progressive reduction of lameness. Dogs experiencing pain relief and reduced lameness are beyond 90 days, while one is nearing one year with early testing and none of them have relapsed. Dogs that required 2nd treatment generally had pain in another location that was previously not addressed with the initial procedure.

There are many types of laser treatments out there, how is VetLILA® different if not the same?

Other types of laser treatments fall into two categories. One is a noninvasive surface laser which is considered a conservative treatment. Surface laser treatments require multiple visits for treatment benefits while any improvements obtained are short lived. Pain medications are also concurrently used by the pets although may be reduced. These are the same effects seen in the human use of the surface lasers where no long term pain relief is possible and such effects are no different in animals. The other category of lasers includes highly invasive surgical lasers used for cutting and ablating whole tissues. Surgical lasers lack selectivity and are sometimes used to remove disks that impinge on nerves that cause pain. Surgical lasers carry with them adverse effects because of their ability to destroy all tissues including the good ones. In comparison to other lasers as mentioned above, VetLILA® offers unique advantages with its breakthrough biophotonic laser that is safe, selective and effective.

How will I know if my pet is a candidate for VetLILA®?

Only your veterinarian can decide and advise if VetLILA® is right for your pet’s pain condition and or lameness.

What will it cost me to have my pet treated with VetLILA®?

You should discuss with your veterinary professional regarding the costs of the VetLILA® treatments. In general terms the costs would be far less than a surgical replacement of the affected joint that is causing the weight bearing lameness. VetLILA® would be more expensive than medication management or other conservative treatments in the short term but when you consider the fact that VetLILA® can eradicate pain medication use and provide functional improvement with the least amount of visits (in most cases in a single procedure visit), it can be cost saving in the long term while providing superior comfort and mobility for your beloved pet.

Where can I get additional information about VetLILA®

Talk to the inventor, Dr. Srinivasan directly by sending an e-mail to any questions or concerns that are not already addressed by the information on this website.